Types of Interior Design

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Types of Interior Design

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Classic Design: – The word mostly resemble heritage & royal types in its design form. Classic designs are inspired from different history of various kingdoms. Yes but classic designs are expensive in creation as most of them of handmade like store cladding & stone inlay, like wood carvings & glass molding etc. Such pleasant classic designs clearly represent the V.I.P. culture of royal & rich families. We are ensuring to reach all world class designs with our effort. Our 12 years of practice in interior design gives optimum & pleasant touch in designs.  Kindly refer -www.delecondesigns.com


interior designers in navi mumbau

Modern Design: – It is the most special as, I always love to make it. It maintains the fresh & elegant modern look in designs. Modern design practice in interior is more in demand due to its easy construction & installations. Any interior if it is delicately delivered in modern form will always be the best choice. We at DELECON making huge success in delivering modern forms of more than 100 successful modern residential project. Our professional ways of working gives all clear thought  about in making all modern designs. Kindly refer- www.delecondesigns.com

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Modern Design: – In this the design revolution becomes the major in design & details. The futuristic designs in interior are nothing but massing of furniture shapes in curves of all cross patterned & different shapes in design . Futuristic forms are very rare in practice. In short futuristic designs are 100% customized which is very optimistic & for selected ones only. Such designs needs to be constructed dedicatedly on site & it can’t be achieved  without hard effort by designers.  Our certain projects very well appreciated for futuristic modern designs. Kindly refer – www.delecondesigns.com

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