Decorative Wall Ideas For Homes And Offices

Are you looking for some decorative wall ideas to refresh a blank space in your home or office? Well, no matter what space it is, those empty and plain walls hold endless possibilities. And, adding just a few stylish wall decorations can make your space feel amazing.

  • Add statement art or paintings

Introduce some art to your wall. However, before doing that, think about the scale, style and medium that you prefer while in that space. Also, not everything needs to be in the centre of the wall, you can choose a symmetry that you think is beautifully aligned. And, it is sure to accentuate the wall.

  • Layer it up

Design the wall as a space to induce thoughts and thinking – if that’s what you prefer. Add to your creative inspiration by using offbeat artwork or patterned wallpaper. You can also combine different materials for a super luxe wall look.

  • Transform it with colours and patterns

If nothing goes right, play with colours and patterns. Not sure what patterns, let’s play with some geometrical figures and contrasting colours. Trust us, this is sure to do the trick. Blend in some soothing colours in energetic patterns like triangles and circles for the fun.

  • Prioritize storage or decor

What do you want to use the wall for? Are you looking for storage options? Or do you just want to get rid of the boring plain wall? Well, depending on your need, either add some storage shelves or put artwork there.

  • Go for an energizing colour scheme

Talking about homes and offices, greens and blues are the soothing colours that bring tranquillity and a link to the outside. However, you can bring in some warmer colours to fill the space with energy and enthusiasm as per your liking.

  • Build a book wall

Having a library can be the perfect idea for those looking for a learned and sophisticated backdrop. And, remember, it does not have to be minimal or sombre in every aspect. Bring in a pop of contrasting colours for that extra character that you want.

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